Uses for Geotechnical Drilling in El Paso

Unless you’re well-acquainted with the drilling and mining industry, you may not know what geotechnical drilling is. Despite its name, geotechnical drilling includes many different drilling methods and is used for a wide variety of purposes. Depending on your situation and needs, there’s a good chance you could use geotechnical drilling services, and you don’t even realize it. 

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What is Geotechnical Drilling? 

Geotechnical drilling, also known as geotechnical boring, is a simple yet complicated process. Simply put, it’s an exploratory method where you drill holes periodically around a specific area to determine what’s beneath the surface. Geotechnical drilling aims to get a better picture of the soil, consistency, and underground terrain. 

While geotechnical drilling is most commonly used as a construction tool to determine the soundness and quality of a construction site, it’s used for many different things. This article will explore those purposes and help you know if you need to enlist geotechnical drilling services. 

Reasons Geotechnical Drilling is Important 

You need to first drill into the soil to know its quality. This is extremely important if you’re building a house, constructing a roadway, or doing anything else where the ground supports tons of weight. Here are some of the things you can detect with geotechnical drilling. 

  • Color, consistency, density, and other important details about the soil 
  • Strata depth of soil and surrounding rocks 
  • How much water is in the soil 
  • What type of drilling and foundation methods you’ll need to implement 
  • Whether or not the site is suitable for your purposes 
  • The difficulty and feasibility of your project 

For these reasons and many more, geotechnical drilling is extremely important. Contact us to find out if you require geotechnical drilling services in El Paso.  

Common Uses for Geotechnical Drilling in El Paso

Because of how valuable geotechnical drilling is, it’s used for several El Paso projects and professions. Here are some of the most common. 

  • The construction of a home or business 

The main use for geotechnical drilling in El Paso is in the construction industry. Before you can set the foundation of a home or business, you first have to know if you’re building on solid, reliable soil. The only way to determine that is if you drill into the soil and determine its quality. 

  • Roads 

Whether discussing a dirt road or a highway with a dirt foundation, geotechnical drilling is vital. This will determine whether or not your road is prone to cracking and if it’s capable of supporting road traffic. 

  • Bridges 

While modern bridges aren’t made of soil, it serves as their foundation. The combined weight of a bridge and the vehicles that travel atop it is staggering. As such, knowing the quality of your foundation soil is paramount. 

  • Dams 

As with levees and other water-related barriers, geotechnical drilling is essential for ensuring the quality and integrity of the soil in and around dams. Dams that use or are built upon soil of poor quality are bound to fail and should be built elsewhere. However, you won’t know that your dam is in jeopardy unless you dig deeper and inspect the integrity of your soil. 

  • Tunnels 

By definition, tunnels are burrowed through the ground. If the ground through which they’re burrowed isn’t stable enough to prevent cave-ins, you’ll need to build your tunnel elsewhere. 

  • Levees 

A large component of levees consists of soil and rock. Therefore, it’s extremely important that levees are constructed in areas with strong, feasible soil if you want to avoid flooding and disasters. 

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