Low-Clearance Drilling in El Paso & the Southwest

At El Paso Drilling, we specialize in low-clearance drilling. All too often, projects require drilling in narrow, nearly-inaccessible locations. Whether you’re working inside an existing building or you need to drill under power lines or bridges, we can help. Our low-clearance drilling services are the perfect solution. 

We understand that not every project offers the necessary space for large-scale drilling rigs to get the job done. In order to provide our clients with the solutions they deserve, we continuously expand our fleet with the most powerful and reliable drilling rigs. Even if your current predicament seems impossible, we’re certain our low-clearance drills can help.

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Our Low-Clearance Fleet

Small, compact drills are perfect for small spaces in buildings, under freeways, or beneath bridges. Our specialized low-head clearance drills allow us to drill in compact tight spaces during any phase of the project. 

Take a look at our fleet of drills, below:

  • MAIT Baby Drill
    • Max diameter: 15 – 24 in
    • Depths: 39 – 49 – 60 ft (with mast extension and friction kelly bar)
    • Power: 47 HP @ 3,000 RPM
    • Max torque: 12,99 lb-ft
  • Ecoline 35 Drilling Rig 
    • Max diameter: 36 in
    • Depths: 52.5 ft
    • Power: 61 HP @ 2,300 RPM
    • Max torque: 22,110 lbs-ft

What to Expect from El Paso Drilling

El Paso Drilling serves the entirety of the Southwest region. We’re vastly experienced with municipal contracts and city-wide drilling services. Drilling holes requires contractors to follow stringent federal guidelines. At El Paso Drilling, we know the law and abide by the rules whenever we take on a new project. You can place your complete trust in our hands. 

Low-Clearance Drilling by El Paso Drilling

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