A yellow hole drilling machine drilling into the soil of an El Paso construction site.

The Importance of Hole Drilling in the Construction Industry

If you have a construction project in the works, investing in hole drilling is essential. Hole drilling is when you use commercial drilling equipment to perform core, rock, pier, or exploratory drilling. It’s a vital part of the construction process because it will tell you more about the ground that you’re building on, how stable it is, and more. 

Hole drilling is also necessary for installing micropiles when you need a stronger and sturdier foundation than with a typical construction project. At El Paso Drilling, our hole drills can reach up to 200 feet deep into the soil and install micropiles that can support hundreds of tons. Whether you need micropiles or not, however, hole drilling is a crucial step involved with any El Paso construction project. Contact us online or call (915) 479-7060 to learn more.

Understand Your Soil

The main reason that hole drilling is an integral part of El Paso construction is because soil in the Southwest is unpredictable. There are tons of different types of rock and soil that you might be building on, and what’s below the surface could be different from what’s on top of it. 

The only way you’ll know for sure is if you perform hole drilling in El Paso to retrieve soil samples so that you can send them off to a lab for testing. The results will tell you if you’re building your foundation on reliable soil or if you need to come up with Plan B. 

Find Underground Utilities 

Another reason hole drilling is important is because it will help you spot underground utilities before you dig into them. Underground utilities, such as water lines, electrical wires, gas pipes, and communication wires, don’t always show up on blueprints and schematics, depending on how old they are and who installed them. Therefore, if you know that there are utilities close by and you need to know their exact location, hole drilling is the way to go. 

Personal Safety 

In addition to saving you tons of money on costly repairs, hole drilling will also keep you and your workers safe and healthy. Accidentally digging into an electrical wire or gas line, for example, can be hazardous to whoever is doing the digging. Therefore, by digging holes to locate these utilities, you might very well be saving the lives of your workers. 

Build a Firmer Foundation 

If you dig a few test holes to retrieve core samples and discover that the soil is bad for several layers, you will need to come up with Plan B. In most cases, this means drilling micropiles that go hundreds of feet into the soil to ensure a solid and firm foundation. Micropiles can only be installed with professional El Paso hole drilling services, so contact us if you find yourself in this type of situation. 

Contact El Paso Drilling For Hole Drilling Services in the Southwest 

If you need hole drilling services for your El Paso construction project, El Paso Drilling is ready to help. Whether you need utility locating, pier drilling, core drilling, or more, we’re the team to call. Call (915) 479-7060 today!

A close-up image of a drilling machine drilling a hole into the dirt in El Paso.

Applications of Hole Drilling

Whether you’re building a home, installing power poles, or doing other construction projects, there’s a good chance you’ll need to drill a hole or two into the ground. Hole drilling is a very common aspect of construction in El Paso, and it’s also one of the most difficult if you don’t have the right equipment. While there are some instances when hole drilling is an obvious need, there are others where it’s less obvious. We will explore some of the most common applications for hole drilling so that you can make arrangements should the need arise. 

If you require hole drilling services for your construction project, El Paso Drilling is here to help. Contact us online or call (915) 588-7321 to learn more about our services.

7 Common Applications for Hole Drilling 

Here are seven of the most common instances when hole drilling is necessary. 

Low-Clearance Hole Drilling 

Most hole drilling happens in wide open spaces where there’s plenty of room above and around the drilling site. However, although less common, there are plenty of instances when holes need to get drilled in low-clearance sites. This includes beneath bridges, overpasses, and in other tight spaces. Low-clearance drilling is more difficult than other forms of hole drilling and requires special equipment that not all excavation companies have. 

Concrete Hole Drilling 

Drilling holes into concrete isn’t just dirty and noisy, it’s also extremely difficult and requires special equipment. As such, concrete drilling is a task that should be left to experienced professionals with the right tools for the job. 

Pier Hole Drilling 

Anytime you’re constructing a house or building on an elevated foundation, pier drilling is a valuable commodity. Pier drilling is a precise science that takes years of training and experience to perfect. Contact us to learn more about our pier drilling services at El Paso Drilling

Rock Hole Drilling 

El Paso is home to some of the hardest and rockiest soil in the southwest. Sandstone, granite, bedrock, dry rock, and more are all found in our soil. Ordinary drills won’t be enough to penetrate these materials, and you’ll require special rock drills if you don’t want your construction project to suddenly stop. 

Cluster Hole Drilling 

Cluster hole drilling is another specialized form requiring specific tools and techniques. El Paso Drilling has cluster drills capable of drilling holes of all shapes, sizes, and depths to meet your needs. 

Micropile Hole Drilling 

Some El Paso construction projects require a deeper or stronger foundation than others. In these instances, you’ll likely need micropiles to hold your project together. However, micropiles require special drilling techniques and tools in order to be done properly and to reach the desired depths. We can dig our micropiles up to 200 feet beneath the earth’s surface and make them capable of supporting up to 200 tons. 

Utility Hole Drilling

Because of how cost-effective and safe it is to put utilities underground, it’s becoming a very common practice in El Paso and the surrounding area. Whether you’re digging utilities for phone, internet, or television lines, gas, water, or electrical lines, utility hole drilling will be necessary. Safe and quality utility hole drilling will protect your utilities from freezing temperatures, burrowing animals, and other potential hazards. 

Who to Contact for All Your El Paso Hole Drilling Needs

If you require any of the above forms of hole drilling in El Paso, look no further than El Paso Drilling. We’re an industry leader when it comes to hole drilling in El Paso and the surrounding area. No matter your needs, we always have the tools and experience to get the job done.  Contact us online or call (915) 588-7321 to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our El Paso hole drilling services.