Common Applications of Pier Drilling in Construction Projects

Pier drilling is a commonly used drilling method in the construction industry. Contrary to its name, pier drilling isn’t used exclusively near water or to build docks, although that is a common application. Instead, El Paso builders can implement pier drilling for a wide range of construction uses. 

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What is Pier Drilling, and How Does It Work? 

Pier drilling in El Paso is when a drilling company uses an auger to drill narrow holes deep into the earth. It’s a method that’s often used in areas with unstable or unsolid ground. The goal is to drill deep enough into the earth until you reach solid ground, usually in the form of bedrock. 

Once the hole is drilled, the drilling company will then insert piers or columns into the holes. Since the pillars are resting on solid ground, they will form a firm foundation for a home or building that gets placed on top of them. Here’s a look at the overall pier drilling process. 

  1. The auger drills as deep into the earth as necessary to reach solid ground. 
  2. The auger is then removed to make way for piers. 
  3. Before the pier is inserted, however, a support system in the form of a steel mesh cage gets inserted into the hole. 
  4. Concrete then gets poured into the hole, where it hardens around the mesh support system and fills the hole. 
  5. Once the concrete hardens, it forms a solid pier or column that can rise above the ground or be flush with the surface of the earth. 
  6. You now have a solid foundation that’s built into the earth rather than sitting on top of shaky ground. 

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How Does Pier Drilling Get Used in El Paso Construction? 

Pier drilling is one of the best ways to ensure you have a solid foundation where it was previously thought impossible. As such, it’s used in a number of ways in the El Paso construction industry. 


One of the most common uses for pier drilling is in the construction of skyscrapers. The reason for this is that piers and columns do a better job of equally spreading load distribution than other foundations. Because skyscrapers are some of the heaviest and tallest buildings on earth, they need a firm foundation with equal weight distribution. 

Piers and Docks 

One of the more obvious uses for pier drilling is in the construction of piers and docks. It’s also a good option for building bridges because you can drill deep into the water until you reach solid ground. 

Oil Platforms 

A vast majority of oil platforms are built on or near the water, which makes pier drilling an excellent option. 


As with skyscrapers, hospitals are tall, heavy buildings that require a firm foundation and equal weight distribution. 


Lighthouses typically aren’t as big or heavy as hospitals or skyscrapers, but they require a firm foundation just the same. Additionally, lighthouses are located near the water, where the soil is unstable and soft. As such, they’re at risk of collapsing if they aren’t built on top of piers. 

Residential Properties 

Finally, pier drilling is a great option for houses, barns, and other residential buildings, depending on the construction site. Houses built near the water, on a steep slope, or near the mountains often require an alternative to traditional foundations, and pier drilling is a popular option. 

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